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Belcanto Italiano Voice Clinic is a master class addressed to both singers who would like to improve their technical level and those who would like to correct vocal imperfections due to an incorrect singing technique. The course consists of three stages: audition/diagnosis; vocal technique and voice rehabilitation classes; connection between correct phonation and musical interpretation. As a result of the audition, a diagnosis of the problem will be given and useful educational packages will be proposed, with personalized treatments to each student's needs. M. Astrea Amaduzzi, Soprano and Vocal Technique expert, will technically repair the vocal damage; each student will have the assistance of Marco Cazzuffi, a multi-graduate, Baritone and Musicologist, who will deal with breathing techniques. For cases that are not highly compromised, in vocal terms and for those on the way to recovery some musical interpretation classes will be added, which in turn will be held under the guidance of M. Mattia Peli, Conductor and Pianist. Each course will make use of Dr Rosanna De Vita's help, Phoniatric Doctor at the "Roma Foniatria" Centre, Surgeon and Specialist in Audiology and Phoniatrics, who will also give for each course a lecture on the physiology of voice emission in Opera Singing and on the prevention of the most common voice disorders.


N.B.: The dates are provisional and the course has a limited number of 7 participants.

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