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Born in Teramo in 1971, she particularly excels at belcanto repertoire and baroque music. She studied transverse flute with Livio Libbi at CEDEM in Teramo and Singing first with Chorus Master Ennio Vetuschi, and then with Carmela Remigio. She perfected her skills with Leone Magiera, Pavarotti's favourite piano accompanist and conductor, Claudio Desderi, Biancamaria Casoni, Barbara Demaio and Enzo Dara.

In May 1994 she was awarded the 3rd prize at Concorso Lirico Internazionale "Angelica Catalani" in Ostra (AN) and in 1998 the Special prize "Lidia Proietti" for the "Young promises of the Lyric Opera in Italy", finalist at Concorso Lirico Internazionale "Cascinalirica '98" (Pisa). In July 2000 she got the European Degree "Titolo europeo di specializzazione musicale nella formazione globale del Cantante d'Opera" at Accademia di canto Verdi of Fondazione Toscanini in Parma.

She obtained the Diploma in Opera Singing at the Pescara Conservatoire "L.D'Annunzio" (2002) and a Degree in Branches of Music in Chamber Music with special attention to Baroque era with M. Francesco Baccini at the Institute of Higher Education in the Arts and Music "Gaetano Braga" in Teramo, presenting an essay entitled "Silence in Music" (2006).

In 2001 she began her career as a singer and instrumentalist working with Maestri such as Massimo De Bernart, Antonello Allemandi, Alessandro Pinzauti, the organist Francesco Tasini, directors such as Alberto Macchi, Simona Marchini, Pierpaolo Pacini and many others. She has been working with Accademia Chigiana (Siena), Teatro Grande (Brescia), Teatro Verdi (Pisa), Accademia Lirica Mantovana, Fondazione Toscanini (Parma), Teatro Sociale (Rovigo), Teatro Magnani (Fidenza), Teatro Verdi (Busseto), Teatro Alighieri (Ravenna), in particular in the productions of "Le Nozze di Figaro" (Marcellina), "La Cenerentola" (Clorinda) and "Don Carlo" (Voce dal Cielo), Teatro Guardassoni (Bologna), Teatro Goldoni (Livorno), Teatro del Giglio (Lucca), Teatro dei Rinnovati (Siena), Teatro Comunale (Todi), Teatro Marrucino (Chieti), Teatro Rossetti (Vasto), Teatro Comunale (L'Aquila), Teatro Flavio (Rieti), Teatro delle Emozioni (Rome). She has also been singing as concert artist at innumerable churches and concert halls in Italy and abroad (Poland and England), covering a wide range of repertoire from the Opera music to sacred and vocal chamber music.

In Rome she has been singing at prestigious venues such as Chiesa di Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, Chiesa di Santa Maria in Vallicella, Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Auditorium Università La Sapienza, Sala Paolina di Castel Sant'Angelo. In 2000 she founded the Music Ensemble "La Compagnia di Orfeo", taking up the role of Artistic Director as well as cooperating as a singer and instrumentalist (recorders and transverse flute).

In October 2005 she was overall winner in the female category of the 4th Sacred Music International Competition in Rome. In June 2007 she got the "Diploma d'Onore" (Honour Degree) of the International Music Tournement TIM in Rome. Honorary Member of Accademia Europea di Roma, in 2010 she was the founder of "Arteconvivio Italia", the Society for promoting the Arts in Italy and abroad, in synergy with painter Anna Dell'Agata, director Alberto Macchi, flutist Tito Ciccarese and Maestro Mattia Peli with whom, since March 2011, she has been forming the voice & piano duo "Duo Amaduzzi-Peli".

In 2012 she founded the first worldwide online "Belcanto Italiano Competition". As a teacher, she held two singing workshops in Poland for the students of the Tarnow Conservatoire. Very much in demand as "Vocal Reconstructionist" in particular, since 2012 she has been teaching dozens of students (an ever-increasing number of singers, both beginners and professionals, from Italy, England, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Georgia, Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Singapore) aiming at the rehabilitation of a wrong "imposto" (vocal setting up), through the technical teaching of the School of Italian Bel Canto which primarily provides for: proper diaphragmatic-intercostal breathing, use of the resonators of the "mask", the "giro" of the voice, freedom of the larynx, loosening of the throat, solution to the problem of the "passaggi", managing the voice registers, "chest", "middle", "head" and "superhead" (overtones), control of "filati" and "mezze voci", coloratura technique for all voices.

Since 2012 she has been teaching Vocal Technique & Interpretation in cooperation with "International Music Lessons" and since 2013 with the "Belcanto Italiano Masterclasses" and the "Belcanto Italiano Academy" (Rome, Lecce, Ravenna, Warsaw).

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