Fondazione Mercadante


Fondazione Mercadante

Mercadante Foundation is a cultural institution established by Claudio and Romana Mercadante, the relatives of the Italian musician and composer Saverio Mercadante (1795-1870), to retrieve and spread the knowledge of his artistic heritage and to promote a more refined consciousness of music and Italian culture throughout the world. Mercadante Foundation aims to develop cultural activities based on music, opera, concertos, choruses, to produce and stage even unreleased theatrical performances and to organize festivals, seasons, readings, exhibitions and artistical more
Saverio Mercadante


Thanks to the collaboration of Gmany musicians, (internationally renowned flautist and presently art director of the foundation) and of other musicians, it was possible to create a non-profit institution, namely an Academy, registered as a cultural association. The organization'' s profit is Meant for the purposes expressed in the association' s chart, i.e. managing performers and boosting their careers. Artists, if they so wish, can pay a modest subscription fee for their contractual and managerial assistance. This innovative strategy has been devised in order to allow performers to access the world of work and to create a virtuous circle of relationships among orchestra members and opera singers. In particular our activities can be thus summarised: master classes for instrument players; master classes for opera singers; coursesabout health and pathologies of the voice; vocational traiding courses; contests and scholarships; research and re-publishing of Mercadante's works; artists' management; production and organization of shows and concert; conferences about classical and opera. The association pursues its activities thanks to the financial contribution of its founders and collaborators and is funded in the first place by its members' subscriptions and from the funds raised through its institutional activities. In this respect, an important role is also played by the foundation' s benefactors, private sponsors and public funding.


The operational core of Mecadante Foundation is situated in a prestigious aristocratic palace in Piazza Grande, along the historical centre of Montepulciano (Tuscany) whose world-wide reputation as "the pearl of XVI centiry" comes from its artistic and architectural beauties. Students and members are allowed to stay at the Foundation guestrooms, Palazzo Nobile di San Donato Suites, and make the most of the facilities offered by the cultural association. On the occasion of the courses held at the "Accademia della Fondazione Mercadante", the guests may enjoy sightseeing tours and wine and food free samplings to fully appreciate the wealth of beauty spots with which the Tuscany territory is endowed. read more


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